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So yeah, as you may have seen, I have been adding a few videos on my blog. They mostly are either my interview or my travel vlogs. But one thing that I really wanted to do as a child was to become a Radio Jockey (and maybe a Video Jockey) (that’s what they were called back then). I did audition for them and was half successful, but nothing materialized. But the bug hadn’t left.

So I thought I could do that on my own and what better way than mixing two of my hobbies (VJ and Tech). So I recently started my own Tech review channel called Uv Reviews. Now Uv is the first and last letter of my name “Utsav”. But only one person ever has called me “Uv” (My wifey). But I like it and thought it would be a nice name to go with. So there it is “Uv Reviews”.

This will mainly feature unboxing videos and tech reviews and automobile reviews.

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Here are a few of my videos:

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